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Reverend Ron Sheppard
Interfaith Minister, Wedding Pastor,
Wedding Officiant, Marriage Celebrant

New York City, NY, New York elopement wedding pastor, performs elopement weddings, interfaith weddings, alternative weddings, also a spiritual counselor in NYC

Reverend Ron is the Good Sheppard, New York City wedding pastor, marriage officiant, and interfaith minister, available for all types of weddings, marriage vow renewals, spiritual counseling, funerals, baby naming, baby blessings, house blessings to new business blessings in the the New York State area.

I perform Central Park weddings, and NYC marriage ceremonies including elopements, and same sex weddings, in New York City, as well as surrounding boroughs of the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. I also have officiated weddings all across Long Island and into Westchester, the Catskills, and even married two couples in Poughkeepsie.

My ministry is about giving back and helping others and in turn helping and healing through acting, singing, comedy, journal writing, working with birds and other animals, crafts, motivational sermons, counseling, yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi, physical exercises, and gardening/ floral arrangements.

It will be focused on the areas of peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding and the removing of all hate and anger in our lives. We are all one blood so therefore we’re all one family and need to help one another.

My ministry is to help people release their unique creativity to find their purpose in this world as to why we were put here. It is to help achieve this by offering many creative outlets. I’m here for you to be your bridge between anger and hate towards loving life and yourselves.

To appreciate and share that God is love. Love is God, and that I will be God’s partner.

My ministry will help all people become more in touch with their feelings. It will also help free people from negative people around them.

That is the way you will have peace inside yourself.

I will work with people who want to remove hate and anger in their lives. This will greatly help allow us to open our love for ourselves and one another.

My ministry will teach helping yourself through helping others.

This is me.

How can I be of help to you or offer blessings to you this glorious day and to celebrate being alive

I’m available to be of service to you in any helpful way possible. I await hearing from you.

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NY wedding officiant, marriage pastor, and interfaith minister for central park weddings, elopements, spiritual marriage ceremonies in New York City.